Insightful Marketing Tips | Self-Improvement: Marketing Yourself As A Brand

We are all familiar with name brand products in the stores. Companies have learned they can sell more of their product if they can make you associate the name closely with a particular service or advantage.

Branding yourself is a relatively new concept in the world of employment, but basically it uses the same strategy, only this time the product is you. Branding yourself is a way of making it clear to potential employers or clients what, in particular, you might be able to do for them.

Successful products have slogans, and so can you. When someone asks you what you do for a living, do you answer with your job title? Do you say, for instance, “I am a manager” This is hardly inspiring. Or do you say something like, “I work for the What’s-it Manufacturing Plant.”

That mentions them, but it does not identify you. Branding is a way of identifying yourself with special qualities, just like short advertising slogans will identify a product with special qualities. Mercedes Benz is, “Engineered like no other car in the world.” Holiday Inn is, “Pleasing people the world over.” With Polaroid, “The fun develops instantly.”

When someone asks you what you do, rather than responding, “I am a manager,” it could be, “I turn management around in companies so that they can profit again.” Or rather than just a teacher you could describe yourself as, “I teach children to enjoy learning.” This short but positive association can make you more attractive and encourages them to want to know you better. Your brand can be communicated in your conversations and be suggested with examples in your resume.

A brand for you can identify you to a potential employer as having a most special quality or advantage and impress them that you would make a most desirable employee.